John Frank Rosenblum


Line producer extraordinaire, John Frank is the internal master of money. He knows SAG-AFTRA rules by heart and can quote permitting and tax codes. Thanks to his extensive experience in television, JF is also the human equivalent of IKEA when it comes to production logistics.

Some of John Frank’s television credits include Doctor Who for BBC, Bite Me for Lionsgate/FearNet, Trailer Park for USA/Sci-Fi, Super Structures of the World for Discovery/The Learning Channel, and Knights of Bloodsteel for Halmi/SyFy. He was also a producer on the feature films Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight for Paramount Pictures and Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin for Relativity. In new media, John Frank has created programming for Warner Brothers, AOL, Universal, Viacom, Google/You Tube, Netflix, Hulu, Fullscreen, Machinima, Icebox, Wire Break, Digital Entertainment Network, and numerous other websites. He is a member of The Producer’s Guild of America, The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, The Writer's Guild of America, West, and SAG-AFTRA.


Paige Barnett


As a writer and PR pro, Paige looks for that perfect angle that will make a killer project and satisfy viewers. She handles live events, corporate productions, and the transmedia elements of multi-platform projects. Her constant drive for excellence both challenges and balances JF’s and Cindi’s perspectives filling in the gaps.

Paige worked first in PR before hopping aboard aerospace economic development. Working across industries, she created company-wide strategic plans, managed major projects and raised hundreds of thousands in funding. Her credits include field producing large events, launching Machinima’s Brasil and Latino channels, and producing for The Continuum anthology series. She also co-produced Bite Me (FEARnet), Snapdragon contest (Qualcomm), Mobilite Wireless (Kingston Technology) and Sega Rise of Nightmares (Machinima.com), as well as managed post on H+ and Mortal Kombat: Legacy for Warner Premiere.


Cindi Rice

Executive Producer

As a producer, Cindi strives to combine flexibility and artistic quality, deftly weaving ideas, relationships and talent throughout the entire creation and production process. Some of her feature producing credits include Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Paramount Pictures), Midnight Chronicles (Landroval Studios & Boll KG), Adventures of Johnny Tao (MTI Entertainment), Wrath of the Dragon God (Warner Bros) and Scourge of Worlds (Rhino Home Video). Her most extensive work has been on the series front, with credits like Knights of Bloodsteel (SyFy Channel), Bite Me (FEARnet), The Continuum series (Stage5TV), Interns (Relativity Digital), and dozens of shows for EpicLevelTV. She has also produced numerous commercials, promos and music videos for clients such as Microsoft, DTS, Women in Film, Machinima, Verizon/Fios, Halo Reach, Qualcomm, Songhammer, Team Unicorn, Kingston Technology and Gen Con.